She said ‘Yes’!

‘The Chelsea Macaws’ © Daniel Eglin

2020 seems to be gathering pace very quickly! I mentioned in my last post that I had a potential business partner. Well, great news: my friend (and teaching colleague), Rachel, agreed to go into business with me yesterday!

Rachel has over twenty years of wedding photography experience and has been looking to collaborate on weddings for a while now so I am delighted that she has bought into my vision of medium format film and digital covering weddings in harmony. We will sell ourselves as a pair – not photographer and second shooter – but a team, whose aim is to cover weddings with Fine Art and Photojournalism photography.

Of all the photos I have shot over the past twenty years, my wedding photos have been some of the most satisfying. I have shot several weddings for friends and the feeling that I have captured a special photo or two that I know they will treasure for many years to come is very satisifying. Now I will be able to do this in medium format film, an artsitic medium that I know our clients will love when they see the results. And I’ll be paid for it. Hopefully!

So thank you to Rachel for believing in me and my vision. I cannot wait to get started!

(By the way, while I wait for my scans to return from my last few rolls of 35mm film, you will have to put up with one or two of my historical digital shots from over the years. The above photo is on canvas in my kitchen above me as I write this blog.)

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