Wedding website up and running

Blog post of married couple at their wedding

I shared in an earlier post that a friend (and very experienced wedding photographer) had agreed to join forces with me in a Wedding Photography startup. Well I have finally managed to get the website up and running and I am relatively happy with the initial result. WordPress is quite fiddly initially and it has taken me a fair amount of (late night) effort to get to grips with customizing it but we are there and we finally have a web presence.

I have had a go at improving the SEO by adding some information about the images (titles, alt text etc.) so hopefully that will make a difference. Who knows?? Not only are Google’s algorithms a closely-guarded secret but SEO companies who claim to be experts charge a pretty penny to access their claimed knowledge too. We’ll keep changing content and as we take on jobs, I’ll try to blog on that too in order to keep the interest fresh.

Do have a look. We are at: .

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