Patience rewarded

They are here. My first set of scanned negatives from Exposure Film Lab delivered by True to form, film kept my patience in check, again. I think the new year has been a busy time for Exposure and I had to chase my scans up but to be fair they were working close to midnight last night uploading my scans. Then when the link came through and I clicked to download the zip file, I realised it was going to take nearly an hour to download over 6 GB of photos. I forgot I had selected to receive tif files….

But, it was worth the wait.

I am really pleased with them and attach a few here. There are some photographs that will never see the light of day but there are others that blow out of the water my previous blog post’s contention that 35mm film is probably not worth the cost and money in comparison to digital. A few (taken in low light) are a bit grainy for my wife’s tastes but I like the grain. More importantly for me are the natural depth to the photographs and the beautiful skin tones that are really quite evident. These are taken on Kodak Portra 400 with a Canon EOS 300 through a 50mm Sigma f2.8 Macro lens.

I cannot wait to see the results of my first roll of 120mm on my new Pentax. I have taken 7 shots out of 16 so it won’t be very long before I will be sending that one off. I took a couple of shots today of my daughter Elsie and her friend after their tennis lesson. Just two. Any more and I might be wasting the shots and my money. Had I used my 7D, I would have probably rattled off twenty or so and ended up only liking one or two.

My daughter asked to see the photo on the screen. I had to explain. Not easy to understand for a child growing up seeing the instant results of photos taken on her ipad. So she asked if I could send it to her friend next week. Maybe a few days after that, poppet…?

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